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Soul Bliss, Cell Bliss: Incarnating Your Joy

Come for an afternoon of clearing blocks, releasing pain (both emotional and physical), and removing old paradigms that no longer work for you. We will be connecting to the healing energies of Mother Earth and uniting it with Source light within us so we can be more and more a living expression of our own unique soul essence... our own unique blueprint of joy and bliss !!!

Some of the processes you will experience:

Higher Self Connection
Connecting to the 5D Earth
Vortex Energy Initiation

Mary will be facilitating as this workshop opens up an amazing vortex for shifting and healing. Join us and take advantage of this opportunity to bring in more of your own bliss and download it at a cellular level!

Mary is a Certified Huna-Aloha Institute and Trainer, Progressive NLP Trainer, Hypnotherapist, Vortex Energy Healer, and faithful devotee of dark chocolate, belly laughs, and making new friends.

Registration is limited to 10 participants.

ABOUT MARY... ***************************************************************************************

Hi and welcome to InnerBliss Retreat. I am from Irving, TX... after coming straight from the heart of God! My entire life has been dedicated to HOW can I return to joy, happiness, and bliss...that natural/supernatural state which is our birthright. Along the way I have become a Theologian, a Licensed Massage Therapist, Massage Instructor, Huna-Aloha (TM) Institute & Trainer, Hypnotherapist, TimeLine Therapy Instructor, NLP Trainer, and Integrative Yoga Therapist. All of these healing modalities have helped to form me...as a therapist and teacher. It is my joy to share with you so many of these amazing tools and resources I have been so blessed to experience.

I look forward to meeting and working with you so both of our lives can be enriched!

Mary Husar 817.550.6049